XLX Reflector

Lomond Radio Club XLX Reflector

One of our club members Craig 2M0JUM Currently hosts an XLX Reflector

  • MB6IDG (Simplex Digital Gateway), (Dstar, Fusion and DMR, Brandmeister)
    • Motorola GM340, MMDVM Modem and Raspberry PI
  • MB7IDG, (2M FM Analogue to DMR Gateway, connected to XLX606/B. Brandmeister TG23559)
    • Motorola DM 3400, Motorola GM360, Arduino Uno Controller.
  • Lomond XLX606 Reflector for more info
  • http://xlx606.lomondradioclub.uk/  

XLX606 runs on a Debian Server, HP i5 Server, with 4 channels of Ambe transcoding.

Two of the Modules have PeaNUT connectivity with links to Brandmeister TG23559 and TGIF TG23559.

The PeaNUT gateway runs on a Raspberry PI with two AMBE USB dongles for transcoding.  The server is confiigured for full multimode support, D-Star including terminal mode, YSF and DMR.